The seminars are being held in the form of a report supported by a Power Point presentation. The minimum length of a report is 25 slides. The speaker can also post his/her report into the YouTube. The topics of the reports are to comply with those specified in the course program at page 17. All members of the group must take part in the discussion of the report. This discussion is to be moderated by the lecturer, i.e. myself. The questions to the speaker are either made verbally and written down by the moderator (if the report takes place in the room), or sent to the speaker via email (if the report is presented as a YouTube video). The questions and answers will be posted to this website along with PowerPoints and videos of the reports. Each participant (except for the speaker himself/herself) must provide at least seven questions to each report. The speaker must duly respond to all questions. If the speaker struggles to respond immediatelly, it is possible to reply later via the email.
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