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Assistance, business or teaching job, where my abilities and experiences can be best utilized and rewarded.
My dream job is to be a personal assistant to Lady Lara Croft, as She was back then in 1997.
I'm ready to work for you if you are a pretty cool individual to die for.


Experience in assistance to superiors, planning
Translations, confidential errands
Travel arrangements, administrative tasks
Highly developed analytic skills
Diplomatically handle sensitive issues
Extensive business experience in Russia
Excellent PowerPoint skills
Experience with ERP systems, some HTML
Fluent conversation in English & Russian
Some German and Japanese
Successfully passed the UN ASAT in the NY City
iOS developer certificates in Swift UI, client-server, performance

Since April 2012: Chief Financial Officer

I run all sorts of business and personal errands and matters for my owners for many years. Currently my most important duty is to control and steer in our best interests all the financial flows of the Group, reporting weekly, monthly and yearly. Our three business areas are as follows: processing plants, sales department and a number of real estate properties. Controlling these diverse areas required an internal accounting/paperwork system to be created, complete with the bonus system for the sales and the evaluation system for the new deals. Everything had to be modified twice in order to serve best the needs of the each new CEO appointed by the owners. An accounting body of several persons had to be arranged for in order to ensure all the Russian tax formalities are duly carried out. My duties also include HR paperwork for our foreign and Russian specialists (visas, work permits, work contracts, job ads, interviews) and real estate paperwork for our properties (agreements, notary attestations, meter readings). As we are both a landlord to our tenants, and a tenant to our landlords, it is necessary to ensure both the monthly inflows from our properties, and timely payments for our rented offices, production spaces and warehouses. Power Point development plans, credit applications (equipment), timely leasing payments and paperwork (trucks, loaders, luxury vehicles) are also a part of my regular routine.

Since 2005: Lecturer/Associate professor

Employed for almost 6 years as Associate Professor. Lectures and seminars, PowerPoint presentations in Economics, Macro, Advanced Macro, municipal economy, Economics and policies of the Public Sector. Supervised degree works of the Russian and foreign students. Published academic essays and a small textbook, made academic reports and University advertisements. Established personal website with lecture give-outs, score tables, announcements and video files. Provided assistance to superiors, including translations, travel arrangements and administrative tasks. Created visual advertisements for programs in education. My being adept at engaging the audience in the subject matter was noticed by superiors, resulting in my consequent promotion to Junior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor positions. In 2010 was awarded 2nd prize in Open PowerPoint competition held by the faculty; on the basis of my earlier works was selected to produce the advertisements for the Bachelor and Master programs.

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